A Captivating Smile – Winston & Lan Anh

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Saujana Subang Jaya Wedding

Winston and Lan Anh is one of my favorite couple of the year, and Lan Anh is my first Vietnamese bride. My first impression when I met with this couple at Le Petit Studio, they were very polite and friendly. Before we meet up I had kind of known about the couple through the survey that the couple had filled and returned back to us. And through the survey I kind of knew that Winston is captivated by the genuine smile of Lan Anh. But throughout the conversation I could only feel the hold backs from Lan Anh,
even when she smiled I felt that she smiled stiffly. Then later I found out it was all because of the worriedness and the uncertainties when coming to an unfamiliar country that she has to face with. Especially when she thought about the procedures of the immigration, she was very worried. So I just shared a little bit of my experience in the immigration and introduced them the people that I know and believe might able to help them through the entire procedures. And as soon as I introduced the person to them, I felt the release among them. Then finally I could see what Winston has always seen – the genuine and attractive smile of Lan Anh.

The wedding of Winston and Lan Anh was held at Saujana Subang Jaya and it was very simple, but yet there were a lot of laughter and tears. A lot of love could be seen and felt between them and their families and friends. Especially Lan Anh’s family and friends who traveled all the way from Vietnam, they were very kind and caring. I saw joy and hope when two unique families join together because of the marriage of a lovely couple.

Winston and Lan Anh, once again, thank you for letting me be a part of it. ^^