“Let’s Celebrate our love on the hill.”

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Beloved Session with Chee How & Jessie

Partnered with Dennis Yap Photography.

The photos were taken while back, but I still feel the love within them whenever I look at those photos that I have taken for Chee How & Jessie. Still remember the first time meeting up Chee How & Jessie over WhatsApp, they are just simply a sweet couple like a candies and lollipops ^^.

Yeah, meeting up over WhatsApp, I know, that was a very different way of meeting up. Since the couple always busy with their works and often being overseas, it was very hard to final down a time to meet up physically. Therefore we had to “meet up” over WhatsApp. However, I am so grateful for the trust they have for me. If not, I won’t be able to capture so many beautiful moments of this beautiful couple.

Thank you again Chee How and Jessie for your trust and love! ^^