Miri Wedding – Adrian & Velyn Church Ceremony


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A humble noble couple

It is still like was just happened yesterday to me to recall the first time meeting up with Adrian and Velyn. They purposely flew over to KL all the way from Miri just to meet me up in person to discuss about their wedding day, and also to try to make me feel confidence to stay over at Velyn’s house the night before their wedding day instead of hotel. I told them that normally we request to stay at hotel because of privacy, and also, because of we would like to have quality rest the night before the Big day in order to have full strength to capture the best moments of the couple’s big day. However, due to the wedding’s destination was quite away from the city, staying over at Velyn’s place was to save the travel time. She ensured that I would definitely have privacy and ensured that the room that was provided to me was totally isolated away from all her guests. And I can still recall that she even said that her house is even more comfort than any hotel in Miri. And it is true ^^. Not because the hotels in Miri are bad,  it’s just her house is so big and feeling like staying in a resort ^^. And I got my own private room which is totally isolated way from the rest of the guest rooms. I felt and still feel very flattered with the treatment that they had for me, it is like they were really care for not only me being first time in Miri but also to show their respect over my profession of being a photographer.

I always think being a wedding photographer is one of the best career in the world because we get to know a lot of great couples and later become friends. Even 2 years after their wedding day, we still keep in touch socially over online social network. We even met up during my trip to Melbourne, and had a wonderful dinner with their family, too.

Adrian and Velyn are a very humble and genuine couple. Due to the privacy of the couple, I would like to share only their beautiful moments here. Enjoy! ^^