Capturing Hyunseo’s Doljanchi | Korean First Birthday



Capturing Baby Hyunseo’s Doljanchi: A Traditional Korean First Birthday

Photographing baby Hyunseo’s Doljanchi, a traditional Korean First Birthday celebration, was incredibly enjoyable. The party was small and intimate, hosted at the residence of Inyoung and Dokyun, Hyunseo’s loving parents.

Inyoung and Dokyun, Hyunseo's Parents.
Hyunseo participating in a traditional Korean Doljabi ceremony, surrounded by loved ones and cherished traditions

Hyunseo’s Adorable Presence and Intimate Family Gathering

Hyunseo, a remarkably adorable little boy, stole everyone’s hearts. Inyoung, the baby’s mother, discovered me through Instagram and booked my services after a brief conversation. I felt deeply honored to be entrusted with capturing Hyunseo’s Doljanchi.

Honoring Tradition: Hyunseo’s Doljanchi and Korean Cultural Heritage

I admired the dedication of Hyunseo’s parents in preserving Korean traditions and imparting them to their eldest child. The highlight of the celebration was an exquisitely decorated table, featuring carefully arranged items. Among these were photographs capturing precious moments between Hyunseo and his family, as well as meticulously wrapped gifts in the traditional Korean style, each imbued with its own symbolism. Delving into the significance of each item was truly captivating and added depth to the event.

The Enchantment of Hyunseo’s Hanbok and Cultural Symbolism in Doljanchi

Hyunseo looked charming in his traditional Korean attire, known as Hanbok. The harmonious blend of purple hues accentuated his appearance wonderfully.

Family Joy: Celebrating Hyunseo’s Milestone in Malaysia

As the family resides in Malaysia due to his father’s work, therefore only a select few family members were able to attend, including his grandmother, who lovingly assists in caring for him, along with aunts, uncles, and cousins who traveled from Korea to join the festivities. Their joy and happiness at celebrating Hyunseo’s first birthday were palpable.

Sharing Memories and Stories

The celebration commenced with the parents sharing stories, accompanied by a photo slideshow and short video clips documenting Hyunseo’s journey from birth to the present moment, capturing precious memories along the way.

Traditions and ExcitementAwaiting Hyunseo’s Choice

Following this, another cherished tradition unfolded, as Hyunseo’s parents presented a tray adorned with various items symbolizing different professions or life events. With bated breath, everyone watched as Hyunseo made his selection amidst cheers and applause, adding an element of excitement to the proceedings.

Hyunseo participating in a traditional Korean Doljabi ceremony, surrounded by loved ones and cherished traditions