Jane, Howard & Asher: Titiwangsa Mini Portrait Session



Capturing Timeless Moments: Family Photoshoot at Titiwangsa Lake Park

Happy Family Portrait Session at Titiwangsa Lake Park

Always grateful for the opportunity to photograph families whom I’ve had the pleasure of capturing before. Recently, I had the joy of reconnecting with Jane, Howard, and their adorable daughter Asher for another session, set amidst the serene backdrop of Taman Tasik Titiwangsa (Titiwangsa Lake Park) in Kuala Lumpur.

Cherishing Precious Memories: Reuniting with Jane, Howard, and Asher

On the morning of our session, the sky was adorned with billowing clouds, hinting at an impending rain shower. Yet, I found solace in gratitude, thanking God for granting us the opportunity to complete our session before the rain descended. Despite its brevity, the session was imbued with genuine warmth and authenticity, every moment cherished dearly.

Mastering the Art of Family Photography: Overcoming Challenges with Patience

Photographing family portraits, especially with young children, presents its own set of challenges. However, the unwavering trust of the parents and Asher’s delightful cooperation made every shot a masterpiece. It’s a testament to the power of perseverance and patience in the art of photography.

This marked my second session with Jane, Howard, and Asher, and each encounter only deepens my affection for capturing their precious moments. ?

Moreover, this session marked my second visit to the enchanting confines of this park within a week, and I must admit, I’ve become captivated and deeply attracted to the park’s charm. The prospect of returning here again in the near future fills me with excitement. And to those contemplating a session with me, perhaps this idyllic setting will entice you to join in on the magic. ??

A Glimpse into Heartwarming Moments: Highlights from Our Session

Without further ado, here are some snapshots from our time together.


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