Mini Maternity Studio Photo Session | YiCing & Evan



Capturing Maternity Bliss: YingCi and FooKiat’s Mini Session

As she carried life within her, the world seemed to pause, bearing witness to the miracle unfolding before their eyes.

It was a delightful mini maternity session with YingCi and FooKiat, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at Daphnie and Evan’s wedding; YingCi being Daphnie’s elder sister.

A Minimalist Maternity Session in Kuala Lumpur

Our session took place at the Darkroom Project Studio in Pinnacle Kelana Jaya, not far from Kuala Lumpur. Opting for a minimalist approach, we adorned the studio with a creamy beige backdrop, with YingCi donning a simple black dress and FooKiat in a crisp white shirt paired with black pants.

Creating Timeless Memories: The Joy of Expectant Parenthood

It was a joyous occasion, marked by the excitement of first-time parents stepping into a studio for the very first time. The indoor setting alleviated any worries of discomfort from the sweltering weather.

The Benefits of Mini Maternity Sessions

Understanding the apprehensions many mothers harbor about maternity photoshoots—whether due to body image concerns or fear of exhaustion—a mini maternity session like this serves as a solution. It allows mothers to capture the beauty of pregnancy without the pressure of a lengthy shoot. These sessions freeze moments of maternal grace, providing tangible memories for parents to cherish and share with their child in the years to come.

Preserving Maternal Grace: Freeze the Moments with Us

Therefore, we invite you to embark on a maternity portrait session with us. Let us immortalize these timeless moments, creating memories to hold dear for a lifetime. ?